Dumper box designed to suit well for working with excavators.
Model RE8-04
Length(mm)(With HSD01)                         5332
Width(mm) 2215
Height(mm) 1628
Internal measurements of a platform(mm) 3680x2080x550
Capacitance(m3), ()-with volume backdoor 4,2
Capacitance with extensions (m3), ()-with volume backdoor -
Base 3504+950
Empty weight(kg) 1720
Max load capacity(kg) 8000
Total weight(kg) 9720
Hitch load(kg) 1600
Axel sum 2
Permissible axel load(kg) 4060
Hub/axel 70x70, 6bolts
Suspension Mechanical bogie
Brake type 300x90; 0, 2 or 4 brakes
Speed limit(km/h) 40
Hydraulic circuit working pressure of a brake(bar) 160
Working pressure of hydraulic circuit(bar) 180-200
Oil volume for tipping(L)  
Standard wheels 400/60-15,5
Tilt angle 52
Thickness of box’s bottom sheet(mm) 4
Thickness of box’s side sheet(mm) 4
Optional wheels 400/60-15,5

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